Stacy Mosby

I just moved from NYC and ATL Community Thrift has been such a great place where I've found everything from my new favorite top to the perfect loveseat! I also love that they store supports opportunities for youth programming in Atlanta!

Tammy Johnson

Donating ATL Community Thrift was an amazing experience! I saw their donation truck in traffic, called the number and they answered and scheduled a pick-up within the hour! The team was prompt, courteous and took extra safety precautions when picking up the donation. They were also very careful and respectful of the items. The store feels like a place that serves the community! It is very neat, organized and smells good! Theses were all prerequisites as my clients wanted their donation to go where it would be used for good. Thank you Atl Thrift for programs that change lives and enhance communities!

Crystal Sparrow

This is a great thrift shop. It has all kinds of things in it. MARIE the MERCHANDISE MANAGER is an angel. She went out of her way to help me find what I was looking for. She did not give up until she solved my problem. I will definitely go back to the ATL Community Thrift Store because of Marie. She is a real people pleaser. I hope she sees this post. Go to the store and ask for Marie. You will love the store and Marie as much as I do!

Scotland Wright

This is a great place! The staff are very helpful and courteous. Their inventory is impressive and the pricing and value is terrific.

Jordan Levi

Great place! The staff was so kind and there were a lot great options in every department for awesome prices. I got some workout shorts/shirts that I love! Definitely worth checking out.

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