ATL Community Thrift's mission is to "Make a difference in our City" by changing the lives of young adults/adolescents in the inner city of Atlanta by helping them remove themselves from the viscous cycle of poverty. We believe in a holistic approach. We serve our young adults/adolescents spiritually through God, helping them develop and grow in their faith, as well as equipping them to thrive as productive citizens. 

Our goals and objectives are to ensure our students:

*Graduate as an active member of a faith community:

We believe a relationship with Christ is the most important relationship in the world! At the core of everything we do is our desire for every kid to know they are loved unconditionally by the father!

*Graduate without a criminal record:

We serve a unique cross section of students. We believe it is imperative for their future success that our students graduate without a criminal record. This impacts future opportunities! 

*Graduate without being/becoming a parent:

We believe graduating without being or becoming a parent allows our students more time for personal growth.

*Graduate with a plan for their lives:

We believe it is imperative for the students we serve to graduate with a plan for their lives. It will allow them to seek resources and plan for their future.

*Graduate free of addiction:

We believe graduating free of addiction is a valuable step towards a better future for our students.

While our primary goal will always be to introduce young adults/adolescents to Christ and to help them grow in their faith, we firmly believe to best serve Metro Atlanta we must also strive to change how our students see themselves and how they impact their environment.